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Blogs en el Prime Time de la CNN


Vía my Google News (USA Today). Bloguers opinando de la política USA.

Al principio uno desconfía pero leyendo la noticia parece que no tratan a los bloggers como monos de feria y que la apuesta del programa Inside Politics, presentado por Judy Woodruff, es seria. Bienvenida sea.

It’s prime time for blogs on CNN’s ‘Inside Politics’ (20/03/2005).

Mainstream media continue to be wary of Internet bloggers because the reporting and opinions on their Web sites are often not subject to journalistic checks and balances, such as editing and rules on sourcing.

«Inside the Blog,» which kicked off Feb. 14, is the first daily segment on cable or network TV dedicated to people whose reporting and opinions appear on the Web.

«We want to demystify blogging,» Klein says. «We want to peel back all those layers and also do a reading of the blogs that our audience doesn’t have the time to do.»

Klein chose Inside Politics for the segment «because obviously so much of the high-profile bloggers have a political bent on one side or the other,» and coincidentally, he also had decided that there was little room for shoutfests on CNN talk shows.

(…) Schechner, a veteran blogger who worked at an entertainment Web site,, says mainstream media are beginning to take bloggers seriously and the blogs welcome the recognition.

«Any blogger who has been asked to appear on a show gets very excited about it, regardless of the show, and they love the mainstream media attention,» Schechner says. Her segment «tries to explain what the political blogs are talking about. We try to take some from the right, the center and the left to give a full picture.»

(…) Schechner and Tatton «don’t treat bloggers as some kind of freak show at all. They take them very seriously,» Klein says. «Bloggers are as multi-layered as any other source of debate or dialogue, and it’s a mistake to write them off as one thing or another.

Lo último, tranquiliza.

PD: Escribiendo el post me entero de la muerte a los 82 años de Barney Martin, el «padre» de Seinfield. De detective a actor. Dos vidas en una.

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