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Gizmodo entrevista a Bill Gates


Vía Gawker. Foto incluida.

Hay llamadas de teléfono que uno no espera. Joel Johnson, editor de Gizmodo, tuvo una de ellas. Las negritas son mías:

G-Money and Me: Bill Gates Interview (07/01/2004)

On the way to LaGuardia to catch a flight to Las Vegas, I got a call from Microsoft’s Larry Cohen about a possible sit down with Bill Gates. I didn’t quite know what to think of it, but I wasn’t going to turn it down. I would ask the hard questions: Does Balmer really eat children? Can I swim in your Money Bin? (…)

Gizmodo: Let’s talk about blogs first —if that’s something that interests you at all. Do you read many blogs? Is that something that’s interesting to you yet or do you just get it as it comes to you?

Gates: Almost everything that’s being published on the web now has RSS notification on it, so what would have been a website I would have gone to my favorites list and looked at, now I get the notification. I have the add-on to Outlook that lets me see those things. I still have a tendency to —say I want to go to Slate Magazine or the Wall Street Journal, I just directly navigate. (…)

Gizmodo: Do you use a lot of RSS then?

Gates: I’ve got the RSS plug-in [for Outlook]. I used it a lot when I started out, and now a lot of the blogs I read are where people have sent me emails and said, hey, I ought to look at this. I’m very big… I want to always go to five or six sites on a regular basis so that I can track over time what’s new about them.

I think blogging is super-important and we’ve got to do a lot more software. The phenomena for us is we’ve got in beta this MSN Spaces thing, and it lets you leverage everything you do around Messenger —that’s your buddy lists and those relationships —to set up blogs, and who has access, and who gets notified. We’ve got up over a million people [who] set up blog sites….

Siguen intentando ser simpáticos a través de los blogs. Alternan una de cal con otra de arena.

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